Wheel Details:

  • New “Centipede” wheel is made out of microcellular polyurethane foam. It provides a lightweight, cushioned ride without worry, maintenance or a flat tire. The hub assembly is a durable 2 piece nylon construction. These wheels perform best with precision ball bearings
  • Black non-marking tread on a yellow Nylon hub makes for an attractive super lightweight wheel that can be used in various applications
  • Other colors available upon request, Sufficient quantities required. Please inquire
  • Other sizes could be developed, Please inquire
  • Applications: Carts, platform trucks for industrial, commercial and institutional environments demanding a cushioned ride. Carrying sensitive materials , chemicals, electronics, ceramics, glass, sound and lighting equipment. Great for use on equipment that may need to traverse different terrains, such as: generators, compressors, pressure washers, sprayers, snow-blowers, heaters & fans, vacuums, wheel-barrows, fertilizer spreaders, wagons, lawn & garden equipment, etc.

Centipede Wheel

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